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Providing Engineering and Technical Support for Engineered Product and Manufacturing Companies - Machinery, Equipment, Products, Manufacturing, Process, Tooling, Programming and Material Handling - Copyright © 2016, Hays Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

Tap Logo to Nav Beam Analysis
Simulates structural elements by using a section profile applied over a length of the beam element. Axial Loading, Shear Loading, Moments and Nodal Reactions are determined and used to assess adequacy or compliance of structural systems to requirements or governing standards.

Solids Analysis 
Simulates contiguous solid composed of isotropic material of given properties and characteristics. From the model, behaviors and properties may be estimated, and design properties for sizing and configuration may be determined. 

Shell Analysis 
Simulates sheet, coverings or thin materials, and provides an estimation of the impact of these design features to surrounding structures and design elements. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Models and simulates the behaviors of fluids (liquids, gases, slurries) through and around defined volumes. Fluid flow characteristics including Cv, as well as impingement, cavitation, erosion and stall or choke can be estimated using these techniques. 

Mathematical Modeling
Modeling of design behavior or characteristics using mathematical expressions and tools, such as spreadsheets, databases, software or mathematical modeling software.

Forensics and Laboratory Analysis
Analyzes field performance or failures of parts, assemblies or systems to determine root causes of failure and to advise cost-effective solutions to address the root causes identified. Includes chemical composition, microscopic and macroscopic structures of materials, fatigue analysis, failure mode and effects analysis, and identification of defects.

Interpretation of Results
Hays Engineering provides a number of innovative and classical analysis techniques and types to estimate and optimize the performance of mechanical systems and designs. We not only select the optimal modeling techniques, but can properly read the results, and advise correct actions based on the results. The reading and interpretation of the results of these types of studies is what distinguishes Hays Engineering from others who perform such analysis on CAD systems. We have had cases where we have used studies run by others, which actually predicted field problems experienced with products, but where these problems predicted by the model were not recognized by the person who originally performed the study, because that person did not know how to properly discern the results communicated by the results of the study.
Advanced Surfaces and Solids
Techniques to provide unique look and feel to hardware, and to distinguish branding and other discrimination of hardware

Rapid Prototyping
3D printing in a variety of materials to assess weight, balance, feel, scale and appearance of hardware.

Assembly and part prints with exploded views where required, design definition data, lofts, parametrics, schematics and block diagrams, structured bills of material, consolidated parts lists and make/buy lists, MRP/ERP interface, EPDM interface, operations and maintenance manuals, reports and trade materials.
Design dictates the look, feel, form, and fit of machinery, equipment and products. Hays Engineering uses 3D Computer Aided Design and rapid prototyping to develop requirements and realize them into a hardware configuration.

Hays Engineering can support your non-recurring needs for publications, training materials, trade show materials, maintenance task manuals, and any other needs related to utilizing the by-products of an integrated 3D parametric solid modeling CAD system for design and engineering tasks for engineered hardware or processes.

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Development is the realization of hardware from ideas which address needs or opportunities. The use of parametric 3D CAD/CAE systems allows a better visualization of of the hardware that results from the development of ideas.

Hays Engineering uses a methodical, disciplined approach to the completion of support efforts.

Requirements Review
The shorthand here is "I'll tell you what I sold you; you tell me what you bought". Hays Engineering will review its understanding of the requirements communicated for execution of the project or support effort. The client describes the details of the form, fit, function, mission, objectives and acceptance testing or criteria for the hardware. Ail differences of scope and requirements are addressed up-front, before the clock is started on the execution of efforts.

Preliminary Review

Hays Engineering provides the basic 3D models to visualize proposed solutions, along with any analysis or other substantiation of design decisions for client to observation, review and comment. Acceptance of this review is approval by the client to proceed with detailed design development, print generation and any other efforts to complete the definition of the detailed design. In this way, efficiency of schedule is maximized in that detailed efforts are not wasted on dead-ends or efforts which don't add value to the client.

Detailed Review

Literally a "print review" or documentation review where detailed product definition - form, fit, function, operation and any additional analysis to substantiate design decisions, is presented to the client for review and comment. Hardware design is reviewed in as much detail as is required for acceptance by the client, which signifies acceptance of the design and approval for hardware realization through first articles or prototypes.

Hays Engineering will participate financially (by definition of progress billings) in the success of the first artical or prototype operation and utility. For some clients, Hays Engineering facilitates the first article build through its own network of suppliers, shops and fabricators in order to assist the client in realizing their first article. Hays Engineering also provides manufacturing engineering and support for tooling, work holding, dunnage, packaging or crating, and logistics as may be required, depending on the type of product, machinery, equipment or process to which the design is related. 
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Engineering is the practical application of science and technology to fill a need or requirement with a solution.

Mechanical Engineering
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Weldments of Structural Members
  • Kinematics (Motion Programming)
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Packaging and Containment
  • Pneumatics/Hydraulics Power and Control
Electrical Engineering
  • Power and Control
  • Sizing and Component Selection
  • Programming
  • Routing and Packaging
Manufacturing Engineering
  • Tooling and Fixturing
  • Processes - Cutting, Forming, Welding, Assembly
  • Layout, Lean and Cellular Manufacturing
  • Compliance and Certification
Quality Engineering
  • Compliance
  • Systems
  • Training
  • Documentation
Safety Engineering
  • Compliance
  • Training
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Hays Engineering provides manufacturing engineering, process and equipment design, and technical support for manufacturing operations and engineered product companies.

  • Work Holding - including semi-automatic, hydraulic or other powered systems
  • Cutting Tools and inserts for rotating cutting tools (milling and turning), broaching, EDM
  • Machine programming and operations
  • Weld Engineering, including procedures, process and welder qualifications, training and testing
  • Work holding, handling, fixturing and processes
  • Automation
  • Operations design and engineering for cutting, bending, forming, punching
  • Material handling, fixturing and logistics
  • Tooling, processes, equipment
  • Automation
  • Cellular Manufactruing
  • Logistics, storage, lay-out
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Hays Engineering is a Licensed Engineering Firm located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which services Central US Engineered Product and Manufacturing Companies.

We specialize in filling non-recurring needs for capabilities or capacities of these organizations when these needs cannot be fulfilled by committed headcounts within internal engineering staffing levels. Whether this be temporary capability requirements to address acute needs or opportunities, or to supplement existing capacities, Hays Engineering can provide a solution which does not require the full-time commitment of increased staffing.

We support
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Quality Engineering and Systems
  • Safety Engineering and Systems
  • Operations and Manufacturing
Hays Engineering is licensed in multiple States, and can be licensed in your State through its file with NCEES. Hays Engineering carries professional liability insurance to address risks associated with particular types of projects.

We appreciate your review of our capabilities and would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your business situation.

James K. Hays, P. E.
(918) 355-9137
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106 S Ash Ave, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
(918) 355-9137
Principal: James K. Hays, P. E.
Mobile: (918) 671-0230
E-Mail: JHaysPE@HaysEngineering.com
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